Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2 new pieces

"monster movie" 6"x6" acrylic and enamel on canvas (sometimes, a lot of times, i just like to randomly play with paint, colors, and forms. to make this, i was playing around with a few colors and thought to myself that pink and puke green would look good together. when i started adding in the green, i noticed that i had a godzilla-ish blob in front of me and decided to play on that given the fact that i'm a big fan of old school monster imagery. i gave him a little more depth by adding a few other colors, outlining him, and a little dot for an "eye" of sorts. i should have added some fire breathing for good effect but i decided to keep it a little on the mellow side. he's a nice monster! all in all, a fun piece to make)

"tuesday" 6"x6" acrylic and enamel on canvas. (so named because i painted it on a tuesday when i was feeling a little icky on the inside over someone who shouldn't matter but somehow still does. i experimented with a new texture building medium and it really worked, adding a lot of depth to the paint, making it easy to mold and texturize the way i wanted it. this is also primarily acrylic a bit of a departure from my working style of the last year or so as i've been favoring a lot more enamels, primarily for their gloss and heavy body. i used a spray glaze to get the gloss on this and only a minimal amount of enamel-just the yellow in fact. i'd like to work on some bigger pieces with the same texture builder and maybe incorporate it with some of the other texture materials i like to see what kind of combinations i can come up with)
i will have work on display at the loop lounge this friday night. the loop is located in passaic park, nj. message me for more info or directions.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Current and Upcoming shows

i curated "phantasmagoria" check out for more info on the artist. the show is up at 32jones until 3/27

i have a collage piece in this show. i have yet to see all of the work due to the opening being the same night as "phantasmagoria" but i'm excited to attend the closing

i'll be showing work and DJing at this fest. super excited for 2 days jam-packed with art, music, and good people.

a 1 night gig i'm doing at the loop lounge. thanks to erica for helping get me this show! i'm also really happy that the proceeds are going to an animal rescue. i was in a show 2 years ago that was a benefit for animals and it was awesome.
message me for more info on any of these shows. also check out my new blog, little of the nuttier side of me!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


11"x14" mixed media (paper, acrylic, plastic) 2008


i had someone tell me this was "not art" after i showed it to her. in response, i named it after her. it currently hangs in my living room as part of my personal collection. not art? yeah...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Recent Images by M.H. Yaghooti @ 32 Jones Gallery

"An artist is a chameleon - colorful, diverse and subliminal."

An idea or meme is a living organism. It has the capacity to change, apply and adapt quickly. I infuse my work with imagination and fluidity that reflects my environment and mood. Every painting is an observation in change within a manner of appearance and material, execution and subject matter. The artist can explore this change in politics, theology and idiosyncratic imagery thus building a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, leading them to his or her own interpretations, and giving them a unique and personal experience. The universe is constantly changing and so the individual and their work should as well.

I work in various mediums but oil and acrylic painting are magnetic. Much of my influence is derived from both traditional and modern artists such as Egon Schiele, H. Bosch, Goya, De Es, Francis Bacon and Kent Williams. Music plays a part as well. I've played drums in several projects for the past 15 years. This has enabled me to augment my understanding of creativity outside of visual art and human behavior.

Born in the United States of Iranian and El Salvadorian parents, I spent much of my youth in Jersey City and North Bergen, New Jersey. At 7 years of age, I began drawing and copying Marvel and DC Comics characters. I took as many art classes as I could in high school and college, where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design with a concentration in Illustration from New Jersey City University. I've studied under such notables as Ben Jones, Anneke Prins-Simmons and Hugo Bastidas. I currently reside in Rutherford, NJ and work as a web production developer in New York City. I also freelance as a web designer and built and maintain my website,, where I sell t-shirts and original artwork.

So long as art is alive and well, I'll find purpose.

M.H. Yaghooti


i have taken over the curatorship at 32 Jones Gallery (i was previously the DJ and gallery helper) and this is the first show i'm doing. i'm nervous about it, but i know its going to be great! i love the work and the its been a pleasure working with Mr. Yaghooti thus far. if you're in the metro ny/nj area on friday 9/4, come check out the opening, you wont be dissapointed!

32Jones Gallery
32 Jones Street
Jersey City, NJ

(walking distance from the Journal Square Path train. minutes away from Tonelle Ave/1&9 by car)


for more info on the show or directions to the gallery, email me at, search the gallery on facebook, or check out the

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joy A. Hoos

this is a brand new collage that i just finished. i've been so busy working at my regular job (and 2nd job) and doing "real life" stuff lately that i had taken a little time off from making new work and hadn't produced anything new in over 2 months. i've been itching to get back to it, and given a slew of upcoming group shows with some very interesting themes that i want to submit to, i decided to end my break and get cracking on some new material. this is a collage of found materials (an old book cover, circuits from a broken alarm clock), enamel/acrylic paints, and a 1945 portrait of my great aunt, Joy A. Hoos. i plan to submit it to one of the above mentioned group shows, the theme of which is to re-invent everyday objects (and if accepted, i will post further details/dates). another inspiration behind this, specifically the choice to use a family portrait and a circuit board, was that i was recently listening to (electronic artist) BT's album "emotional technology," and something about that phrase resonated with me. i found it going around and around my head to the point that i decided i wanted to play with it visually. i'm not sure if i'm going to keep this as a one-off piece or i'll make more but i am kind of a little intrigued by the idea of continuing the theme...if there is one thing my family did, it was take LOTS of pictures, which i have been fortunate enough to inherit. i have also toyed with the idea of making art with broken/outdated technology for some time now. in any case, i really enjoyed making this piece and hope that i will have the chance to show it soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Group Show August 9

i just found out that i will be part of another group show, this one being presented by Paul Vincent Studios. they have recently renovated their space, which is now double the size of the old studio and i for one am excited to see it and have my work shown there. other artists include jaden rogers and megan gulick, both of whom are favorites of mine and have pieces in my (small but growing!) personal collection. this showing is one day only and you def don't want to miss it!


in other news, i'm going to be submitting work to three more group shows for late summer and fall (those submission are as of right now, if i hear of more shows that sound interesting, i will look into those as well. any readers who have suggestions or are looking for artists for shows email me with info at pending selection, i will have details on those showings. stay tuned for that and also pictures of newer work that i've done in the past few months. and in sad news...after much debate and thought...i'm giving up my studio for the next year and getting a roommate. i just can't pay my rent right now (well i can...but there's next to nothing left over at the end) and unfortunately need to to use the extra bedroom to ease my financial burden. at the end of my current lease, i'm going to look into a new place where i can re-establish a studio. i don't anticipate this having an impact on my work except for not being really able to do anything on a larger scale, something i was beginning to experiment with, but as long as i can still create and work on new things, i will be happy regardless.